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To create efficient device in addition to the knowledge is also needed experience. For 20 years, the company ROKO gaining the necessary experience creating excellent products possible for dental laboratories. Even the best things you can improve, however. Therefore constantly we are looking for new solutions, and we are going to achieve maximum perfection.

This commitment to quality results in real benefits. Benefits that raise the standard of work of our clients - dental technicians. We are aware of how important it is to satisfy the users of our equipment, because it is thanks to their trust ROKO owes its dynamic development.


ROKO is a family business originally founded in 1994. The Company started by producing casting machines for dental laboratories.

Over the years, we have expanded our product range. By investing in and developing new technologies, ROKO has gained recognition among dental technicians around the world.

Rapid scientific advances in dentistry necessitated improvements in the supporting dental technologies. Our cooperation with industry in the European Union and America, offered us an insight into the modern methods and practices which we subsequently implemented in the design of our products.



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